Smart drugs come in many forms, though it’s funny that coffee and tea are two of the most effective. So is the continual engagement of your Brain Housing Group. It’s Friday. It’s been a busy week. Here are five things I’ve been messing with that may make your coffee time on the deck or post-workout chill a little more enjoyable…

Pondering  Christopher McDougall
“Perhaps all our troubles – all the violence, obesity, illness, depression, and greed we can’t overcome – began when we stopped living as Running People. Deny your nature, and it will erupt in some other, uglier way.”
Born to Run, 2011 

Drinking  Tesora, Philz Coffee
Over the past weekend, we were celebrating a friends’ 40th birthday on the Russian River. Part of our crew brought a pound of the Tesora blend from Philz Coffee – a long favorite of mine. Most coffee is, well, coffee. But this is one of the few that really stand out to me. Worth taking some time with.

Headphones  Jocko Podcast, ep. #15
If you haven’t heard Jocko Willink’s podcast yet, you need to tune in. The format of his show starts with readings from a book that Jocko appreciates – with great vigor. Book Club with a pipe-hitter. Episode #15 has Jocko reading The Speech from Shakespeare’s “Henry V.” Intense.

Hauling  10# Sledgehammer
Over the last few weeks we have been training using Rob Shaul’s Military Athlete protocols, and a few of them call for rucking and running with a 10# Sledgehammer. It has been amazing to see the results of increased grip strength and endurance, as well as overall performance when running unloaded. People may look at you weird and ask silly questions, but it’s so worth it. Any sledge will do. Decorate it. Give it a name. You’ll need it because you will curse it.

Feeding  Thai Chicken Curry, Nom Nom Paleo
I find it great to have a few go-to recipes to use through the week. You know, those dishes you could eat at least once a week with a few variations? Those dishes you always have the ingredients for and can make from memory? This recipe established itself in our kitchen this week.

Let me know your requests and suggestions. Which round is your favorite? What do you want to see more or less of? Let me know! Send a tweet to @getblacktoenail using #5roundfriday so I can find it.

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!


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