Up a few pounds after this past weekend. I was in New Orleans, LA; for the GORUCK GRT Reunion. It was a great event filled with great people in a great city. Which equals great overindulgence and some lessons learned.

NUTRITIONAL OFF-ROADING NOT WORTH IT: Seeing as how we were in one of the greatest food cities on vacation, we wanted to really taste New Orleans. Biscuits & gravy, beautiful pastries, sauces, and tasty salted pig parts. Not the way we have been eating at all, and we felt the response to it immediately. Sneezing, itchy, bloated, inflamed. I hate that it makes me sound like a narcissistic Vegan Crossfitter, but the response was pretty impressive. Better to keep to our Paleo-ish eating style, admit that certain foods are an emotional attachment, and listen to the biology lesson happening to my own system.

ALCOHOL, NOPE: Holly and I stopped drinking after our disappointing Body Fat tests. Over the past three weeks, we felt better than ever. But, vacation – right? Plus we are in NOLA with some great people, did a 12 hour event, so it’s time to celebrate and push “healthy” aside for a bit. Neither of us felt good during or after drinking, to be honest. Was it worth it? Kinda. No. Not really. In coming back to reality – AKA Home – it’s tougher to recover than it should be. It hurts. And I should be smarter about these things as I get older. Alcohol does not help with durability, resilience, strength, or endurance. And it certainly didn’t help me enjoy life, the people I was with, or the city I was in any more than I already was

KNOW YOUR LIMITS BEFORE FAILURE: During the Welcome Party of the GRT Reunion Tough – the part where we PT well past muscle failure to get our minds right – there was a Casualty Carry section. I paired up with another guy of similar size & weight. We carried each other the length of the soccer field and back no problem – without rucks. Next we loaded up with 35#-40# rucks each and setup for another round of Casualty Carries. I started getting him on my shoulders and my core just gave out. I dumped my teammate to the ground and strained my neck, shoulders, back, and abs pretty good. Of course, I couldn’t accept that failure – so I setup to try again.  Nope. I went down again. I failed. I failed my team (as I didn’t ask for help), I failed my teammate (as I couldn’t get him off the battlefield), and I failed myself (as I didn’t know my limits). This left me much less effective through the remainder of the event, and will impact training this coming week. Fuck. Lesson learned? Yup. Know your limits.

Great weekend. Worth the extra pounds as it lead to good learning. Now to get on with recovery and get back to training this week.



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